COOPDECH Balloonjector

Balloon type disposable infusion pump driven by balloon contraction force

Introduction Video

Product Features

  • Stable flow rate

    After charging drug solution, discharges the medical solution by shrink force of balloon

  • Measurement strap allows to check the remaining volume of medical solution.

    By hanging the Balloonjector on the strap (Accessory), remaining volume of medical solution can be checked.

Product Specifications

  • PCA device: useful for postoperative pain management

    Different from continues infusion, Additional doses of medication can be self-administered as needed by having the patient press a button.

  • Wide variety of options

    • Pump Capacity:200ml、300ml
    • Flow Rate:Single flow rate (Mono flow type)、Multi Flow rate (Flow selector type)
    • PCA device:Pump set (without PCA device)、PCA set (with PCA device)