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Greetings from the CEO


We wish to remain healthy throughout our life, and to lead a full life. And thus when we suffer illness or injury, we hope for a swift and certain recovery.

This hope for a swift and certain recovery is first directed toward doctors at medical institutions. Every patient hopes and expects that his or her doctor has the power to bring about a swift and certain recovery. However, in actuality, not every patient makes a certain recovery, and treatment may turn into a long term process.

The chagrin and frustration of the doctor: "If there had only been some method…," "If we only had this technique…" We join the doctor in working to create these methods and techniques and bring about the next age of medicine, hoping to respond at least in some small way to the hopes of the patient.

Our product brand "COOPDECH" is coined from the phrase "Coup d’État by Technology". Our fervent desire to bring about a medical revolution through our unique technology is directly expressed in this brand name. To achieve this desire, we must first know with certitude what medical treatments doctors desire and what issues they are confronted with as they deal with their patients. We believe that this is the starting point for a medical revolution.

Fortunately, Daiken Medical has gained the understanding of numerous top-class doctors and is able to borrow from their strengths. Joining the technical prowess we have cultivated to our innovative R&D power and our high-precision clean-environment production ability, we introduce unique new products into the world.

When creating a unique new product, unexpected problems inevitably arise and it seems that barriers hinder us at every step. However, we do not give up. The energy that builds up through this process of perseverance becomes the moving force for another new product and a further advance in medicine.

Daiken Medical: we are the company that advances medicine based on the three legs of "medicine on-site", "research and development", and "manufacturing technology".

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