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Research and Development

Following the opening of our Product Development Research Center, our vigorous efforts to strengthen the Daiken Medical R&D staff have borne fruit in an impressive group centered on researchers with doctoral degrees in the physical sciences. We have also formed a cooperative network with doctors specializing in various fields, and this gives us a direct view on the issues that confront the practice of medicine and allows us to tackle these issues as our own. The result is product development with no detail left untouched.

However, our focus is not only on medical instruments. Our goal is innovative advances in medical technology and the practice of medicine that enable swift and certain patient recovery. To accomplish this goal, we eagerly embrace new challenges. The development of products that represent new concepts in the field of medicine such as the first medical clean room in Japan and a blood solidifier container were all made possible by this spirit of challenge.

Certain ability, a wide field of vision that takes in all aspects of medical practice, and the spirit of challenge. This is the source of our creativity. Our creative power takes wing from close communication with doctors, and even just a chance comment.

Creation of the new requires the power to solve a variety problems that occur as a product is born. A revolutionary product that opens a new world of medicine demands hitherto untried technology at every stage of the product development process.

Fields of Research

We primarily pursue research and development centering on medical equipment used in surgery rooms, including instruments for anesthesiology and the prevention of infection.

For example, in the field of anesthesiology, we have developed a unique precision flow tester for pressurized medical injectors that allows verification of flow accuracy, as well as special production equipment. For vacuum suction devices used in infection prevention, we have developed technology that coagulates blood, a function that uniformly disperses coagulant, and a special float valve that only passes air, not fluid. These products were brought to fruition based on numerous new special technologies.
Needless to say, the years and months required to develop these products were a process of repeated trial and error.